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The Secrets of Escolta: The Tale of Rosa

March 8, 2017

Have you ever been around Escolta? Whether yes or no, you might not know that underneath the faded surface is a wealth of art, culture, and heritage waiting to be uncovered. The art-deco and Spanish architecture of the area is preserved pretty well, but there are groups who are trying to revive the cultural side of this area. So, to this end, Chinatown TV, together with Explore Philippines Magazine and tour provider Manila Who, is organizing a story-driven and crime-solving walking tour around Binondo Chinatown’s Escolta entitled “The Secrets of Escolta: The Tale of Rosa.”

It will be 3 hours of museum appreciation, authentic Binondo food trip(!), puzzle solving, and roaming around Escolta. You and your group of 5/6 detective friends (Solo sleuths are welcome! We’ll patch you up with your group.) will try to crack the case of a missing woman called Rose while learning about Escolta’s treasures. Think Mystery Manila, but BIGGER! I’ve tried it myself and it is adrenaline-packed and so much fun.


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